Monday, January 22, 2018
WGS 2017: Meditation Yoga with 98-year ‘Young’ Tao Porchon-Lynch
World’s oldest yoga guru urges audience to embrace yoga as a way of life.

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Day 3 of the World Government Summit 2017 commenced on a rejuvenating note with a riveting session with the 98-year ‘young’ yoga guru, Tao Porchon-Lynch.

In a well-attended session, the guru highlighted the power of meditation and yoga in creating synergy and harmonizing the world.

“Breath is the common thread that unites us all and creates a singular flow of energy throughout the world,” she said. The engaging session left the audience spellbound with the yoga guru’s relentless love for life and the pledge to never grow old.

Talking about her secret to staying young, she said, “We should learn from nature. Trees are more than 100 years old and they still bear fruit and recycle themselves every year. By focusing on breath which revitalizes every cell of my body, I feel life within me every single day and am able to create energy that is electric. In my head, I am still in my 20s, and I have no intention of ever growing up.”

Emphasizing the power of positivity, she urged people to ignore naysayers and start each day on a positive note, filling the mind with things they want to do. “Whatever you put into your mind, materializes. Don’t focus on people who say you can’t do something you have ‘tuned into’. When you are the doer, you become the instrument though which energy flows and can accumulate the power of the universe. Every morning, breathe in the energy of life and breathe out peace. Whatever you send out, will eventually come back to you.”

Though simple stretching exercises and a calm meditation session, she urged the audience to make yoga and meditation a part of their lives. “With meditation, you resonate the thought of oneness, as breath is the single things that unites us all. By stretching and yoga, you channel energy throughout your body and rejuvenate your cells. Don’t let your mind decay. Recharge it with a positive flow of energy every morning. When you focus on breathing, you connect with the fire inside you which makes gives you the revitalizing strength to always stay young and achieve whatever you set your mind to.”

The engaging session saw Tao Porchon-Lynch share stories from her life, particularly her interactions with dignitaries such as His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and Mahatma Gandhi. A WWII French Resistance fighter, the yoga instructor has also worked as a couture model, actress, film producer, entrepreneur, wine judge, competitive ballroom dancer and yoga master and has marched with Mahatma Gandhi twice.

Tao Porchon-Lynch is a co-founder of the American Wine Society and has worked as the publisher of the Beverage Communicator for 30 years. Half-French, half-Indian, she discovered yoga as an eight year old on the beaches of Pondicherry, India. Founder of the Westchester Institute of Yoga, she has certified over 1,600 teachers. In May 2012, Guinness World Records named her Oldest Yoga Teacher. At the age of 87, Tao became a competitive ballroom dancer and has since won over 741 First Place Awards. In 2015, she appeared on America’s Got Talent dancing with her 26-year-old partner. She has presented at a range of forums from the United Nations, the Indian Consulate for International Day of Non-Violence and the Pentagon to doing a TEDx talk at Columbia University and sharing the stage with at the Newark Peace Education Summit. In January 2017, Porchon-Lynch was featured in a “Power of She” campaign for Athleta clothing company celebrating the power of women and positivity.

The World Government Summit (WGS) 2017 has drawn the participation of more than 4,000 personalities from 139 countries around the world, reflecting the leading stature of the summit on regional and international levels and the high interest from governments, global organizations, private and public sector entities, decision makers, entrepreneurs, academics and university students as well as scientists and innovators. WGS 2017 features 150 speakers across 114 sessions that highlight the world’s most pressing challenges and showcase best practices and cutting-edge solutions to deal with them.

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