Friday, February 23, 2018
Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Workshop Fuses Technology And Performance With Abstract Art For Young Artists

Exploring the themes of Guggenheim Abu Dhabi’s exhibition, 'The Creative Act: Performance, Process, Presence', the 'Pose|Photo|Paint' workshop has allowed children to explore and discover the fusion of technology and performance to make contemporary artworks inspired by an icon of early Gutai art, Tanaka Atsuko.

Held at Manarat Al Saadiyat on 15th July, the workshop provided participants, aged 6 to 12, with the unique opportunity to translate live action into art, whereby their posed photographs in glowing dresses served as the inspiration for their semi-abstract painting.

Tanaka Atsuko sought to transform painting into a radical new form that would fuse technology and performance with the process of making artworks. Through the workshop, the young participants were offered a glimpse into Tanaka’s strategies to focus on the luminescence and dimensionality of her live events.

The Creative Act’s comprehensive programme of free public events and workshops is aimed at encouraging parents, children, teens and young adults to engage with the creativity on display in the exhibition through a wide variety of activities.

Each workshop is directly linked to a specific artwork in the exhibition and presents the participants with an in-depth outlook into the topics and themes of the exhibition. Tailored hands-on activity tours, especially designed for children to create art with a parent or caregiver, and an array of workshops for teens and adults, offer the opportunity to explore the themes of the exhibition on the different aspects of the creative process including movement, performance, sound and sculpture.

On Saturday, 22nd July, the final workshop, 'Paint! Canvas! Action!', will offer children and juniors, aged 6 to 12, an exciting chance to create their own gestural action painting in the manner of the Japanese Gutai artists, be it using a bicycle wheel or a toy car, by swinging and jumping in the air or dancing and sliding in paint.

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