Wednesday, January 24, 2018
UAE Wins Gold Medal In Bandung World Stamp Exhibition, Indonesia

The Emirates Philatelic Association, EPA, recently participated in the Bandung 2017 World Stamp Exhibition, where exhibitors from more than 55 countries vied for different categories.

EPA participants in exhibition won a number of laurels for their entries. Ian Michael Bridle won Gold medal for his exhibit "Republic Postal Stationery of Java (1945-1949).

Thomas Johansen won Large Vermeil medal for "Muscat 1864-1948: The development of the India Post Office in Eastern Arabia" and Omar Mohammad Ahmad won Large Silver for his exhibit "A glance on Stamps used in Dubai".

In youth category Ms. Disha Bobby and Ms. Nikita Asnani won Bronze medals for their exhibits.

EPA current president, Abdulla Khoory was re-elected as Vice President of Federation of Intern Asian Philately during FIAP Congress held on 6th August, 2017 in Bandung.

Omar Mohammed Ahmad was National Commissioner and Muhammad Javaid was jury member from the United Arab Emirates.

The EPA says that these achievements have enhanced the UAE's prestige in the world of philately, and it is a great honour for the country to achieve these successes.

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