Thursday, February 22, 2018
International Experts Put Forward A Vision For The Future Of Smart Vehicles For The Next 20 years

The 3rd edition of the International Future Mobility Conference discussed strategies to develop a forward-looking vision for the future of smart vehicles for the next 20 years.

More than 350 representatives of intelligent vehicle manufacturers from across the world, international experts in advanced technologies, energy and environment, manufacturing and marketing held brainstorming sessions to explore the future of the private sector and find technical solutions to meet any challenges.

Emirates NBD announced during the event that it would provide consumers with loans for the purchase of smart vehicles at an interest rate of no more than 1.99 percent; return car parking fees and the cost of transit on the Salik gates for up to one year; issue free credit cards, and reduce transaction fees by 50 percent when buying a smart vehicle.

''International brainstorming sessions also explored how to develop the work capacity of this type of vehicle, so that it can perform well in harsh climatic conditions similar to those of the GCC countries, which are characterised by extreme summer weather,'' said Abdulla Abdul Qader Al Maeeni, Director-General of the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology, ESMA, the organiser of the event.

The Authority organised four brainstorming sessions attended by the elite of representatives of international, regional, and local governments, as well as the pioneers in the manufacturing of smart vehicles.

''This sector is very positive for the environment and the national economy of the UAE, according to the Government Agenda 2021. The ongoing research conducted by the companies for the production of smart vehicles, need to parallel the infrastructure and legislation for countries that intend to open their markets to these vehicles,'' Al Maeeni said.

He further confirmed that the government and the private sector should join forces if the world wants to expand intelligent systems, especially as it has positive effects on the environment and the national economy in those countries.

''The last session of the conference and exhibition witnessed the announcement of six smart vehicles only, while the current session has increased this number to more than four times, we see today 27 electric vehicles and self-driving and Hybrid, which confirms that a promising economic sector, fast pace,.We are also accelerating the legislative structure to accommodate the variables of this sector,'' he added.

The brainstorming sessions on the second day also focused on the vision of self-governing vehicles in the United States, Dubai's strategy for self-control testing, self-control infrastructure requirements, and cyber security threats. A roundtable was also organised for GCC regulators to discuss the capabilities to be met in self-driving vehicles so as to suit the temperature and weather in this area.

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