Friday, February 23, 2018
International & Regional Nestle Participation At 1st Saudi FDA Conference, Sharing Nutrition Expertise & Commitments 2020

 International and regional Nestlé experts highlighted  key nutrition and food related topics during scientific lectures at the 1st Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) conference, and shared the company's commitments to society at the Nestlé Middle East booth.

"We at Nestlé constantly strive to live up to our purpose of enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future," said Samer Chedid, Country Manager at Nestlé Saudi Arabia. "We are very pleased at the opportunity to share our progress on our Creating Shared Value journey in the region and Commitments 2020 as a Diamond Partner at an event as important as the SFDA Conference. This Conference will positively contribute to addressing solutions to the region'sdiverse nutrition challenges, from food safety and security, to over-nutrition, under-nutrition, and micronutrient deficiencies."

Specific lectures from Nestlé experts at the SFDA Conference included one by Abdulmajeed Aloteibi, Head of Corporate Regulatory & Scientific Affairs at Nestlé Middle East, entitled "Harmonized Regulation would facilitate trade: Food labelling as an example." It emphasized how in the current global economic environment, benefits are reaped from more harmonized regulation, especially in labelling.

A second presentation from Dr. Thomas Stroheker, Food Safety and Toxicology Scientist at the Nestlé Research Center, entitled "Prioritization of chemical contaminants in raw materials," shared the latest science on novel assessment tools in food safety.

Public awareness sessions held as part of the SFDA exhibition also featured two from Nestlé to schoolchildren. The first, focused on drinking "More Water," encouraged choosing water over other drinks to stay hydrated, and offered a "Tummyfish" storybook telling the tale of a fish that finds a safe haven inside a child's tummy. The second focused on eating "More fruits & vegetables."

"Creating Shared Value is the fundamental way we do business, as we believe that for us to be successful in the long term, we must create value not only for our company and shareholders, but also for society and the environment we live in," added Chedid.

"It takes concerted collective efforts to truly impact society positively, and part of how Nestlé does this is through partnerships, collaborations, and stakeholder engagement," he concluded. "We all have a role and we want to continue to inspire each other by sharing best practices, mobilizing others to join us, and working together to leverage our expertise and experiences."

The SFDA Annual Conference aims to connect the SFDA with stakeholders from the private and public sectors. Its key goal is the exchange of professional and scientific experiences, and sharing the latest best practices.

Nestlé in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia welcomed Nestlé as the first corporation to establish direct sales and distribution operations in the Kingdomin 2011, following more than 55 years of successful Nestlé presence through multiple agents. The Company operations in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam, employ today close to 400 people and provide indirect full-time employment to almost 1000 more. In addition, the country is home to seven Nestlé Water factories.

The Kingdom was also where the first Nestlé Center of Excellence was established in 2012, helping Saudi university graduates acquire the skills to excel in the corporate world.

The diverse tastes of Saudi consumers benefit from the availability of a variety of Nestlé products as well as local innovations. This includes Nescafé Arabiana, the first-ever instant Arabic coffee, developed as a result of three years of intense research, and launched exclusively in Saudi Arabia in 2013 before being introduced into other countries.

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