Monday, January 22, 2018
Canon Middle East Showcases Innovative Solutions Through A Purpose-Built Exhibition Highlighting Future Technologies For Businesses And Consumers

Canon Middle East (CME), a leader in imaging solutions, hosted its regional partners, where they witnessed the latest innovative imaging products and solutions that are to transform and support the growth of their businesses in a fast-paced, technologically-enabled future. Held in Dubai over two days, the Annual Partner Conference aimed at further cementing Canon’s role as a partner of choice for organizations within the evolving world of business.

Highlighting Canon Inc.’s 80-year imaging history and marking Canon Europe’s 60-year anniversary, the conference engulfed a “Be future ready” theme. In line with promoting Open communication, New possibilities and Extended horizons (ONE), the conference featured an exhibition-like flow which demonstrated the full Canon Eco system range for consumers and businesses alike. Thus, allowing its partners to experience Canon’s journey throughout its decades long history and encounter the progression and projection of how technologies can be used in the future.

Anurag Agrawal, Managing Director of CME, said: “The Annual Partner Conference is a flagship event for CME, and this year we are also celebrating Canon Inc.’s 80th year of operation and Canon Europe’s 60th year anniversary. We embarked on this journey to not only showcase our achievements, but to also focus on what we can offer businesses and consumers in the decades to come. We are looking to the future as it eminently approaches and we want to equip our partners with the best possible agile and seamless solutions that deliver maximum efficiency levels, increase productivity and enhance their competitive advantage.”

Canon’s products and solutions were not mere standalones, but part of a journey to emphasise oneness. Interactive walls and tunnels displayed fantastic imagery as the partners walked through the various zones, which were also combined with immersive projection experiences and multi-dimensional holograms to create a visually compelling, intriguing and futuristic experience for the visitors. The live demonstration of Canon’s consumer products and solutions working together seamlessly followed the “Live for the story” theme and incorporated the “Shoot-Remember-Share” ecosystem which is tied to Canon’s consumer- bound range of products.

The Partner Conference exhibition also combined several elements that brought Canon’s story of the past and future to life. Emphasising the importance of standing out from the rest of the competition, Canon’s range of business solutions embodied an “Evolve-Inspire-Improve” ecosystem which was accompanied by the live demonstration of 5 value propositions “Differentiate, Transform, Accelerate, Simplify and Evolve”. All of which would trigger higher efficiency levels, growth rates, and profitability levels; ultimately allowing the partners to witness hands-on what Canon is all about; innovation.

“During this year’s Partner Conference, Canon was able to truly demonstrate how our products and services work together to from a whole. Culminating the exhibition with ‘Elemental’– a fictitious beauty brand campaign developed from scratch by Canon with photographer and filmmaker Clive Booth to highlight the power of print for businesses. The campaign followed Canon’s ethos of storytelling through compelling imagery; whether it is for individuals or businesses communicating their brand. Further demonstrating how our innovations are interconnected to better serve our customers, and showcases to our partners what opportunities lie for their businesses,” added Agrawal.

At the Conference, Agrawal also highlighted the path-breaking initiatives taken by Canon in 2017 which included opening the first Innovation Centre in the region, serving as a live showroom for businesses to view and test Canon’s products and solutions first hand.  In addition, Canon hosted the second ‘Frontiers of Innovation Forum’ in partnership with MEED earlier this year. The forum provided a platform for driving innovation, sharing ideas, and gaining insights and experiences between the public and private sectors to generate solutions for the future of industries and societies.

“As we celebrate our achievements, Canon also aims to discuss alternate business growth opportunities and strengthen our association with our partners, who contribute significantly to our success.  We live in a world where the future will be reliant on technology and where our cities will be smart; and we must be prepared to welcome these changes and adapt to them. If businesses don’t evolve today and adopt digital transformation solutions, they will not be able to compete in an environment which will be very different to today’s – especially as digitally-savvy consumers of the future seek a more connected, seamless world.”

The Annual Partner Conference served as a key platform for the company to highlight its achievements over the past 80 years and address what the future of imaging holds for its partners in the region. Hosting the entire Canon Eco system, concluded with a series of organised excursions, an exclusive gala dinner and an awards ceremony to acknowledge the top performing partners for the year.

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