Monday, January 22, 2018
RTA Reinvests Employee Competency Through Internal Career Event

The Roads and Transport Authority has held the first edition of the Internal Career event ; the first of its type across the RTA. It aims at uplifting the career progression of Emirati employees and enhancing their retention policy through providing them with alternative job prospects compatible with their ambitions and abilities.

Ms. Kawthar Kazim, Executive   Director of RTA’s Human Resources and Development said, “The launch of the Internal Career event aims at providing alternative professional careers for Emirati employees at RTA. The objective is to enable them to move to other jobs that meet their expectations, fit with their skills and enable them to do better. The move is part of RTA’s efforts to enhance the retention policy of its Emirati employees through offering them career improvement windows compatible with their academic and practical credentials.

“A set of conditions have been introduced for the first edition of this event in order to realize the intended objectives such as that it is limited to Emiratis holding diploma and above, and to those who have completed two or more years since their enrollment. We have identified about 160 vacancies and interviewed 110 male and female employees to screen their career ambitions and professional competencies. Applications received online were as much as 187 applications,” she noted.

“The Show hosted three speakers who discussed issues relating to the nurturing of a happy working environment. Three established universities took part in the event namely: The American University of Sharjah, Dubai University and Wollongong University. These universities offered valuable scholarships to those interested in pursuing their academic studies.

“Holding this Internal Career Show underscores RTA’s commitment to reinvest its workforce in serving personal expectations of employees, and at the same time aligning it with RTA’s objectives. The Show also aims to support the Emiratization policy in keeping with RTA’s Strategic Plan 2016-2018, and adopts the best techniques of utilising the competencies of employees in suitable placements, an advanced concept in the government sector,” concluded Kazim .

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