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International Companies Discuss The Challenges Of The Digital Marketing Industry
Digital media outperforms television for the first time in terms of global spending share in 2018

“ Mobile Marketing Innovation Summit 2018”, which organized by Moment Innovation, will be held in  Jordanian capital Amman on February 7, 2018, under the theme “Enhance the consumer experience through a successful mobile strategy” with the participation of more than 300 experts and senior executives and international, regional and local marketing executives to discuss the latest global trends in digital marketing industry by mobiles, the role of innovation in enhancing the reputation, and profitability of companies in the era of digital globalization.

Mr. Ayman Ershaid, CEO of Moment Innovation, the organizer of the summit, said: “ The Mobile Marketing Innovation Summit 2018”  came as a continuation of the success of the first edition held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in 2017, so we decided to held the second one in the Jordanian capital Amman, to be the richest event in terms of content inspired by leading global brands, elite mobile application developers, and technology leaders, to discuss the impact of the prevailing trends and innovative experiences in mobile phones on the digital marketing field. It will help marketers to understand the trends of that industry, and inspire innovative thinking, and to respond with future opportunities and challenges for mobile marketing and mobile payments.

Digital technology continues to disrupt and drive innovation in the way brands connect with their consumers. In 2018, we forecast that advertising spend on mobile will overtake desktop, reaching 56% in terms of share of global Digital advertising spend. In 2018, mobile ad spend will grow further to account for a total of US$116.1 billion. With smartphone subscriptions set to reach 4 billion by 2025 and about a third of consumers reporting that their smartphone is their primary source of entertainment, we can expect to see this trend continue to strengthen. According to Dentsu Aegis Network’s Ad Spend Forecasts –2017.

Furthermore, our forecasts suggest that in 2018 digital will be the top media in terms of global share of spend, taking over television for the first time. Digital’s share of total media spend is predicted to reach a 37.6% share in 2018 (up from 34.8% in 2017), versus 35.9% for television (down from 37.1% in 2017), amounting to a total value of US$215.8 billion.

Reflecting the continued disruption by digital technology of the print media industry, Paid Search (advertising within the sponsored listings of a search engine) is forecast to overtake traditional print media (newspapers and magazines) in 2018. Print media has been on a downward trajectory for some years now but will likely fall to a 13.8% share of total spend in 2018 (down from 15.1% in 2017) while paid search is forecast to grow to 14.6%, up from 13.6% in 2017. 


The CEO of the organizing company of “Mobile Marketing Innovation Summit 2018” said that its participants are not only the managers and officials involved, but also the most innovative minds in digital marketing who have contributed to a real revolution in the digital marketing industry worldwide, that is what makes the second edition of the Summit the perfect place to enrich knowledge and broaden the audience’s horizons directly from the mouths of industry insiders and ready to share with them, learn from their experiences, get advice, and employ this in corporate business strategies.

Communication Opportunities

Mohammed Jaber, Regional Sales and Marketing Manager of Paris Gallery, said that attending this event, which includes more than 300 speakers from senior production unit heads, vice presidents and chief executives, will be a real addition to participants and interested people from various industries, which makes “Digital Mobile Marketing Innovation Summit 2018” the perfect place to deliver a long-awaited mobile phone experience.

The Speakers

Speakers list includes Mohammed Jaber, Regional Sales and Marketing Manager, Paris Gallery. Maha Al-Fowra, Executive Director of the Department of Payment Systems, Local Banking and Financial Inclusion, at the Central Bank of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Caroline Faraj, vice president of CNN Arabic Services, Christine Harb, head of regional marketing for Facebook, Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Ronnie de Beauvoir, founder and chief executive officer of Livestreaming Word Summit. And Rola Nahas, a communications and branding strategy expert, Alex Maalouf, director of communications and corporate reputation, at Procter & Gamble.

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Advertising Info

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