Sunday, February 18, 2018
NOW Concierge Launches To Offer Clients 'Pay-Per-Request' Lifestyle Services
Spearheaded by Stephanie 'Top Super Fixers Globally' Hall; Four Dedicated Divisions to Cater to Corporate, Luxe, Kids and Access to 'Little Black Book'

 NOW concierge has launched in Dubai offering international and local individuals, families and corporates pay-per-request lifestyle services whether its organising a bespoke itinerary for its client’s trip to Dubai, relocation services, or simply ensuring the groups’ VIPs have access to the best golf courses in town. 

NOW Concierge is spearheaded by Stephanie Hall, hailed by GQ magazine as one of the ‘top super fixers globally’.  In her work, Stephanie has organized VIP parties in Dubai with less than 24-hours’ notice, scheduled a months’ vacation plans down to the organization of private jets to attend football World Cups, tracked down rare beluga sturgeon caviar from the Caspian Sea for clients in Abu Dhabi, and sourced camel caretakers for the Royal Family.

“I love making my clients’ lives easier and dreams come true! Having worked in concierge and lifestyle management for over a decade I recognised that clients wanted the convenience that comes having dedicated 24-hour support but were often put off by hefty annual memberships. Our Pay-Per-Request structure means that we work with our clients to seamlessly service their needs – when and where they require us,” said Stephanie.

NOW Concierge offers four key service areas; Luxe, Kids, Little Black Book and Corporate:

NOW Luxe allows clients the opportunity to unlock Dubai and find out what the city really has to offer. Tired of the same restaurants and venues? NOW Luxe handles all lifestyle requests including access to sold out tickets, real time feedback on Dubai’s newest haunts, not to mention tailored itineraries for visitors, helping to unlock Dubai’s hidden gems. 

NOW Kids is a bespoke service with an emphasis on the wellbeing, culture and education of children and families, helping busy parents with their day to day lives. Covering everything from helping soon-to-be-mothers prepare for the big day, sourcing, nannies, wellbeing treatments, workouts and networking. NOW kids provides access to the best art classes in town, organises birthday parties, finds tutors and connects clients to education experts globally.

NOW Little Black Book unlocks doors and showcases the very best the city has to offer. Unique boutique hotels? Secret art galleries? The best event venues? The most authentic curry? These are just a few of the many ways NOW Concierge feel our city is special. NOW Little Black Book offers a curation of the city’s must-do experiences. 

NOW Corporate offers companies the chance to outsource their client relation and stakeholder needs, in order to assist them with all areas of client servicing. In addition, NOW concierge has partnered with the Nth Degree to offer a joint membership as well as individual ones.  Nth Degree will be running a host of events and marketing under the NOW umbrella - the first one being an evening with David Myers at the Bleu Blanc in March. Nth degree highlight the best eateries globally and have access to incredible events and as a member of Nth Degree Dubai clients are automatically a member of the groups’ global offering.

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