Sunday, February 18, 2018
Middle East Family Office Summit Goes Digital With IBC Group's Blockchain Brief

The International Blockchain Capital Group Limited (IBC Group) added some digital and futuristic prowess to the proceedings at the Middle East Family Office Summit held on 4th and 5th of February at a local hotel in Dubai.The event that was organized by Alea Global Group was attended by some of the region's most affluent family offices and business dynasties including Khalid al Zayani, Hisham Al Gurg and Adil Ismail Al Zarooni.

Prominent family offices and representatives of international organizations attended the summit to engage in panel discussions, private meetings, networking sessions and insightful keynote sessions addressing the most pressing issues family businesses face today. 

H.E. Khurram Shroff, Chairman of IBC Group was also representing the Shroff Family Office, attended the summit to share his views, experience and involvementwith crypto trends and safe and rewarding digital trades.

H.E. Khurram Shroff and Chairman IBC Group said "With a rise in popularity among investors and the high volume of family businesses in the Middle East, we felt that this summit was the right platform for knowledge sharing on growth opportunities in new markets such as Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Some huge players in the crypto market have seen large gains and drops at the same time, and knowing how to safely invest is the way forward. Blockchain however is not limited to digital currencies only and its utility has the power to optimize even the most traditional business processes. I personally wanted to address and stimulate this discussion during the summit and feel that we fared well with this objective."

"Investors are on the lookout for the next big thing after the Bitcoin craze, stimulating other alternatives to keep launching. The bigger problem here is, that all Cryptocurrencies and their functionalities are being placed under one roof, which can create misunderstandings about their underlying value potential and eventually lead to bad investment choices. We hope that with our involvement we will be able to provide a more secure and transparent digital trading environment."

With Blockchain technology and currencies gaining popularity in the mainstream community, the Group intends to stimulate effective and legitimate applications to create a decentralized and trustworthy platform, for businesses globally.

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